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About Us

The Best in Family Care

We’re known as the fun and friendly practice in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Westlake that delivers results through personalized attention and decades of experience. Shepherd Family Chiropractic helps patients to live their best life. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a newborn suffering from colic or a young professional dealing with back pain and headaches. We specialize in pediatric chiropractic and provide our patients with the best in diagnostic scan technology.

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to help thousands of people experience better health. Our mission is to deliver an outstanding chiropractic experience. We focus on the chiropractic adjustment to remove interference in the nervous system. This attention to detail allows the body to heal and function the way it’s designed to.

Changing Lives

Dr. Edwin Shepherd has owned three practices since 1981. He spent seven years in Illinois, and 24 years in Maine. South Lake Union is now the beneficiary of his considerable talents.

Over the years, he’s changed many lives. Such as the woman who’d had a painful, clicking jaw for years. After only one chiropractic adjustment, her long-standing issue was resolved.

Or the young woman who’d taken a bad fall on a boat. She suffered from a brain injury after hitting her head and twisting her neck. Within just a few weeks of consistent care, she was able to do things she hadn’t been able to do in almost a decade.

We Want to Be of Service: Let’s Get Acquainted!

We treat our patients like family, and we’d do for you what we’d do for one of our own. Our passion for what we provide never ceases. Our patients feel the positive vibration that emanates from our chiropractic care center the minute they walk through our door. We accept most insurance and are in-network providers. Walk-ins are always welcome. In addition, we always offer free consultations. We’d love to welcome you for a same-day appointment! Contact us today!

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