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A woman holding her hands like a heart.What Our South Lake Union Patients Say

At Shepherd Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Great Team

Dr Shepherd and his team had extremely clear explanation about the pain causes and the treatment process. As a new customer I felt very welcome.
I can only recommend this great chiropractic center.


I Felt Exponentially Better Each Visit

Dr. Shepard is excellent! I have had 3 treatments and I felt exponentially better after each visit. I still have pain but it seems that this pain is from old injuries that never healed properly. I feel fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to receive treatment from Dr. Shepard!

I’m confident that over time, his treatments and methods will resolve the pain from my old injuries.


Professional, Attentive, and Collaborative.

Felt like the right fit for my particular problem. Everyone was professional, attentive, and collaborative. Lovely experience. I’m a healthcare provider and appreciated how seamless everything was. The added touch was getting a check-in text in the evening to see how I was doing.


Smooth Transition

My first appointment set me at ease since my referring practitioner moved out of state. He was the only chiropractor that worked for me so I was distraught when I found out he was moving. The transition to your practice was smooth and I felt great after my first adjustment.


Helped Child Feel Comfortable

This appointment was for my 7 year old with pronation (rolling in feet/ankles). They handled her wonderful. She was unsure what was going to take place with the feet and back scan, but everyone in the office helped her feel comfortable and showed her ahead of time the tools and let her touch and feel them. I would recommend Dr. Shepherd and his office staff for people of all ages and all aches and pains.


Both Mom-to-be and Baby Benefited From Chiropractic Care

Throughout my pregnancy, I received chiropractic care from Shepherd Family Chiropractic. By the end of the day, not only did I have a pain-free pregnancy, but also a healthy, full-term baby with a 99th percentile height! I have always had mild back pain. When I found out I was pregnant, I decided to seek chiropractic treatment to keep it from getting worse. I chose Dr. Shepherd because he is a Webster-certified practitioner using Activator Methods which is a safe and more gentle technique for pregnant patients. My initial back pain was quickly relieved. I kept receiving regular adjustments for maintenance. And by the end of my third trimester, I had an active and pain-free pregnancy. As for the baby in me, Dr. Shepherd tailored the treatment according to baby’s needs. A balanced pelvic floor provides space for baby to grow and to be well-positioned for birth. And my baby benefited tremendously from the care I received.

I hope all moms-to-be get to enjoy their pregnancies. And I highly recommend Dr. Shepherd and his wonderful staff at Shepherd family chiropractic.


I Highly Recommend Cold Laser Therapy!!

I would like to send encouragement to anyone who suffers from fractured bones in the foot. I had pain with every step I took and went to my podiatrist who x-ray my foot and told me I had two fractured bones. I told Dr. Shepherd about the findings and he recommended I try a series of Low-Level Laser Treatments (Cold Laser). He explained to me that they would increase circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, regenerate damaged tissue and promote rapid healing. I had never heard of Cold Laser Therapy but decided I would try a five-minute treatment and was shocked by the results. The whole foot felt energized and the swelling and pain had decreased. My foot not only felt better but I could physically see a difference. I then continued with the cold laser treatments over a number of weeks and when I returned to my podiatrist I knew his x-rays would reveal that the fractured bones had healed because I was walking pain-free. I highly recommend the use of Cold Laser Therapy!!


My Symptoms Improved Following Cranial Adjustments

I’d like to share this cranial adjusting testimonial with your readers: about eight years ago I banged my head on a beam and suffered a severe concussion. Although the symptoms improved with time, six months later I was still struggling with lingering effects. The symptoms improved dramatically following cranial adjustments from Dr. Shepherd. Within a few weeks I was back to normal. A big THANK YOU to Dr. Ed!!!

Gary R. McLeod, DC

Amazed with the Transformation

In 2009 I had my braces removed and immediately began experiencing pain in my jaw and neck, along with bad headaches. Over the years I had seen several chiropractors, a TMJ specialist, physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, orthodontists and dentists. Their collective recommendations were to use oral splints, permanent splints (glued in for up to one year), spinal adjustments, massage therapy, moving teeth slightly forward, crowns and fillings. The cemented splint worked wonders for me but I was only allowed to have it in for up to one year. The removable splints worked well too. Massage helped temporarily. I wasn’t feeling fond of the idea of getting crowns or having any of my teeth moved so I opted out of those suggestions. Ibuprofen was my best friend after having the splint removed, but I knew that taking Ibuprofen was not a permanent solution.

Read More of R.A.’s Story

My MD referred me to see Dr. Shepherd. I am amazed with the transformation over the past eight months as I have noticed great improvement! I feel taller, straighter and happier. I experience less body aches and less allergy symptoms. My knees and back hurt at times but one quick adjustment and the pain is gone! I no longer need to take Ibuprofen for pain.

My favorite day of the week is my chiropractic appointment day as I get to see Cheryl and Dr. Shepherd. I always leave feeling better. Cheryl is most welcoming with her warm and upbeat personality. Dr. Shepherd is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been to (and I have seen many) in regard to solving my pain issues. Thank you Shep Family Chiro!


Found Relief Beyond Knee Pain

About 10 years ago I began experiencing knee pain. I sought treatment from my MD, who prescribed anti-inflammatory meds and referred me to a physical therapist. I received good results as there was less inflammation and the physical therapy exercises improved my range of motion. Although I was feeling better I wondered if I couldn’t achieve more improvement.

I met Dr. Shepherd through the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce. I visited his office to take a tour and to learn more about his office and the Activator Method, and decided to make an appointment. I came to the office to receive treatment for my knee but since beginning care I have noticed that my diaphragm is more relaxed and my neck and jaw tension has been reduced. When Dr. Shepherd checks my leg length I am showing that I am even more often than not. I have more flexibility in my hips and more freedom of movement in my pelvis when I walk. My energy seems more balanced throughout my entire system!

Dr. Shepherd’s office has a quiet, gentle, healing environment. It seems everyone receives excellent interpersonal care. This is a small practice with a truly personal touch. I feel I am treated as a whole person and not just a diagnosis.



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