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A woman holding her hands like a heart.What Our South Lake Union Patients Say

At Shepherd Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Helpful, Happy, Knowledgable

I am so glad to be going to a clinic with happy, on time, efficient, knowledgeable people that clearly love their work and want to help me get better! Using a two minute video to explain things, and then show my specific results was very helpful.


Leg Pain After Disc Surgery

After disc surgery several years ago, I began experiencing pain in my leg. After a few visits with Dr. Shepherd, I began to feel better, both physically and mentally. The pain in my leg is completely gone. I now have more energy and am doing things I haven’t been able to. I am a believer in chiropractic care. Thank you, Dr. Shepherd.


Headaches for Over Several Years

My initial complaint was headaches that I had experienced over several years. I had previously consulted my PCP, who prescribed PT and aspirin or Ibuprofen. These helped give temporary relief, but the headaches never went away. I went to see Dr. Shepherd in desperation, as I didn’t really believe chiropractic care could help me. However, when the headaches stopped, I was convinced. My headaches are gone, but the most amazing part is that my rather serious asthma attacks are over. I have not taken any inhalers for over a year, and I can breathe again!


Headaches, Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain for 7 Years

I started having headaches, neck pain and upper shoulder pain about seven years ago. I went to my PCP and her recommendation was to take Ibuprofen and migraine medication. I was taking up to eight ibuprofen pills a day when a migraine would come on. Sometime the ibuprofen wouldn’t even touch the migraine pain. Since coming to see Dr. Shepherd, I no longer get migraines. My neck pain is gone, and I can sit at my computer longer without immediate neck pain! I have always been impressed with the personal touch the office has. Everyone on the staff knows your name and is always pleasant to you.


Severe Knee and Lower Back Pain

I developed severe pain in my knees and lower back. I consulted a neurosurgeon, whose recommendation for my knee pain was “just grin and bear it”. Aspirin didn’t give me any relief. 800mg of Ibuprofen only dulled the sharp pain. After several treatments by Dr. Shepherd using the Activator, my knee pain is almost gone. My back pain is under control and only flares up in bad weather. I have also noticed that pain from my fibromyalgia is decreased. I would sooner give up my arthritis specialist than my Chiropractor!


Hip and Lower Back Pain

For several years I have suffered with pain in my hip and lower back. My PCP and osteopath’s recommendations were to give me muscle relaxers. This only masked the pain and did nothing to solve the problem. After a few adjustments with Dr. Shepherd, I felt extreme relief. I feel healthy and stronger thanks to chiropractic care.


Low Back Pain for Two Years

For two years I had been experiencing low back pain. My PCP told me to exercise and take Ibuprofen. The exercise made my pain worse, and the drugs only gave me temporary results. Since receiving chiropractic care with Dr. Shepherd, my constant back pain has been reduced tremendously! I have also noticed a reduction in migraines and upper back pain, plus I’m sleeping better. My total health is better, not just my back!


Great Team

Dr Shepherd and his team had extremely clear explanation about the pain causes and the treatment process. As a new customer I felt very welcome.
I can only recommend this great chiropractic center.


I Felt Exponentially Better Each Visit

Dr. Shepard is excellent! I have had 3 treatments and I felt exponentially better after each visit. I still have pain but it seems that this pain is from old injuries that never healed properly. I feel fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to receive treatment from Dr. Shepard!

I’m confident that over time, his treatments and methods will resolve the pain from my old injuries.


Professional, Attentive, and Collaborative.

Felt like the right fit for my particular problem. Everyone was professional, attentive, and collaborative. Lovely experience. I’m a healthcare provider and appreciated how seamless everything was. The added touch was getting a check-in text in the evening to see how I was doing.


Smooth Transition

My first appointment set me at ease since my referring practitioner moved out of state. He was the only chiropractor that worked for me so I was distraught when I found out he was moving. The transition to your practice was smooth and I felt great after my first adjustment.




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