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MyoVision At Shepherd Family Chiropractic

Shepherd Family Chiropractic provides the best in cutting-edge diagnostic technology in the care of our patients. Our MyoVision examination is noninvasive and painless. The test itself only takes a few minutes and simply requires the placement of scanning instruments against the skin. It’s safe for patients of all ages, including infants, children, adults, pregnant women and seniors.

Our MyoVision System

Our approach consists of three components:

  • A range of motion unit to measure the spinal range of motion.
  • Surface Electromyography which measures the electrical activity in the muscles. It also demonstrates how you’re responding to the everyday stresses of life. Muscle balance is also recorded.
  • Thermography which takes differential readings of skin temperature on each side of the spine. These measurements can pinpoint specific areas of stress in the nervous system.

Get Tested Today

The MyoVision test results provide important physiological information to help you improve your health. This examination also allows Dr. Shepherd to measure your response to care and track your progress over time. Contact our office today to schedule MyoVision and Surface Electromyography South Lake Union! We provide same-day appointments and accept insurance.


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