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Chiropractic Solutions for Screen-Related Symptoms in Kids

boy on computerTechnology is now an everyday factor in our children’s lives from early on. Based on what we’ve seen in our own practice and in chiropractic worldwide, it’s now become critical we address the potential health impacts.

Just like adults are experiencing an increase in tech neck, children are visiting us here at Shepherd Family Chiropractic and showing signs of tech and text neck and poor posture. This puts them at an increased risk of musculoskeletal issues, harming them now and setting an unhealthy stage for their adult lives.

It’s impossible to go back in time now that Pandora’s box has been opened with tech devices. But there are several ways to support your kids and grandkids and encourage healthy tech habits. Dr. Shepherd can also help children regain their health through chiropractic treatments.

Tips to Help Your Kids Overcome the Effects of Tech Neck

Though children’s spines are resilient, much more so than our spines are as adults, repetitive stressors on a child’s spine over time are going to cause issues that become more permanent problems. They’re still growing, and their spines are malleable. If they’re putting awkward stresses on a spine now when they’re young, it can lead to the development of permanent bony changes.

It’s important to remind your children to have their bodies in better positions during their screen times, ensuring they’re not hunched over and looking down at the device. Upright posture is important. If they’re on their phones, remind them to hold the screen out in front of their faces, not down in their laps.

If they’re playing video games, and they’re sitting on a couch or looking up at a TV, that’s a better option than using a device like a Nintendo Switch, where they’re looking down like they would at a phone in a hunched-over position.

And, related to gaming, it’s important to remember repetitive movements can create issues in their arms and hands as well, whether they’re working the joysticks or buttons. Just like repetitive motions when people are texting can cause problems, the same things are true with kids if they do repetitive movements in gaming. It should be curtailed and controlled.

Chiropractic Care and Early Intervention Are Key

Early intervention and chiropractic care for kids to ensure healthy development is another important part to avoiding the perils of our increasingly digitized lives. To help your kids adjust to the demands of their lives and prevent future problems, contact us today to make an appointment.

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