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Maintain Good Posture & Keep Your Dog Healthy on Daily Walks

pug dogIf you are a dog owner, you know most dogs love to get outside and go for walks. So many of us became dog owners over the last several years, as we shifted to a more remote-work society. They provide companionship and comfort to our lives. And, as a result, we find ourselves grabbing a leash and heading out the door once or twice a day.

Benefits for You & Your Pooch

Consistent walks every day help a dog’s body remain in motion and their joints well lubricated, just like it does for us as humans. Fresh air is also great for our dogs and us. It’s a chance to let all the day’s stress go with every step and breath, in and out.

A walk with your furry best friend can also benefit the health of your spine, and working on proper posture during walks can further benefit your nervous system.

When we’re out walking our dogs, our heads should be looking outward and our shoulders back. Invest in a great pair of walking shoes with support and comfort, and be sure to use a dog leash that prevents hard pulling from your pet, which can direct pressure unevenly on your extremities.

Focus on Nature, Not Your Phone

Dr. Shepherd says he often sees people walking their dogs and looking at their phones. Don’t be this person! Instead, use this walk as a chance to get rid of the screen and focus only on what you see and hear in your outdoor surroundings. Teach yourself to just be in the moment and enjoy your immersion in the outdoors.

Even on regular walks, we’ve grown so accustomed to reading emails, talking on the phone, listening to a podcast or reading. Use this as your non-screen time we previously discussed in our digital detox blog post.

Taking your dog for a walk is a great opportunity to re-engage with the world around you, including your pet. Put away that screen and improve your physical and mental well-being with a long walk!

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